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Years of experience in the field of acting and in particular in the role of 'acting coach' have led me to a clear realization. To be a good actor, artists or whatever the purpose of our play in life is, you must learn to use your instrument (the body) to establish a deep and conscious communication with the worlds around you; the physical and the subtle one.

mask off

My work implies a 'playful' eradication of your masks. Yes. 
Even though masks are a necessary interface to interact with the world, often are the result of traumatic experiences which will rule your life unconsciously. Having our life run by a traumatized mask is not an ideal situation.


let the genius play 

When our inner genius is allowed to play, we'll have art and beauty in our life instead of mechanical habits which keep us looked and confined in a limited headspace. I offer the possibility to bring to light your creative genius, often buried in dense emotional rubble, and teach the necessary techniques to align body, mind and spirit, thus adding depth to the totality of your actions.


Lets  'incorporate' new desired aspects and develop a secure connection between intention and action. The work of intention allows us to declare your intentions openly, and with my support, you will feed them during their delicate process of crystallization in an incubator process that embraces the new.